Laser and Pulsed Light Therapies

Feel and look refreshed in just a few treatments.
Our office uses Palomar Icon Laser and Pulsed Light technologies to remove or diminish undesirable skin features with minimal or no downtime.
How does it work? Intense pulsed light uses a spectrum of light colors to selectively destroy unwanted pigment and small blood vessels.
The Erbium laser sends infrared energy deep into the skin, resulting in tightened collagen.


What can be treated?

• Unwanted hair
• Brown (age or sun) spots
• Melasma
• Fine vessels
• Hemangiomas
• Undesired redness from acne and rosacea
• Spider Vessels
• Scars
• Poikiloderma
• Wrinkles and overall skin texture
• Stretch marks

What can I expect? 

A consultation with our specially trained laser staff will aim to define your goals and the methods available to achieve them. During the consultation, your treatment will be planned to account for your skin tone and life circumstances. The necessity of single or multiple treatments and the price of each treatment will be discussed.

Obtaining optimum results during treatment requires experience and knowledge in choosing the settings of energy duration and intensity.  The length of the office visit and post-procedure care will vary and can be discussed during the consultation.

Hours of Operation

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